Forthcoming on Future Grooves

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  • dat kick

  • wish i could download

  • Amazing Madness is what it is. So well done and fine-tuned, but so all-over-the-place. Very interesting track, Olaf.

  • I'd like to dance to this but I can't because the rythm is too complex...

  • want this!

  • I can't believe I never noticed this track until now. This is so grooving. The syncopation is really well done. It does slip a little out of the groove at times, and not necessarily in a stylistic way. But it's still a really cool track.

  • perfect kick drum choice.. Your music just screams "F*ck time signature, just groove.."

  • cheers!

  • amazing voice! like this track

  • Nice syncopated rhythm :) And good good sound. Very nice Olaf :)

  • this is awesome! :) beautiful, and pumps me up!

  • thanks julsy (:

  • Refav ! Love this, you never disappoint Olaf. :)

  • thanks guys, download will available via Future Grooves in a few weeks I think, I'll post a link here or something

  • Download Plleeeaaase :)