Cover of album Still in the Lambo by JamesR
  • about 3 months ago
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JamesRStill in the Lambo

JamesR's fourth Audiotool album, "Still in the Lambo," is a fresh new album full of songs to vibe to.

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    pendragon `', 6 days ago

    more egoistical third person descriptions i see

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    Yin. 1 week ago

    a centario? DAAANG you are sooooo rich. is your garage a continuous white plane also?

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      JamesR 1 week ago

      lol no sometimes i wish it was though so i could get some space from everyone else....

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    Sndbrgn about 1 month ago

    hm samples only, not my pair of sneakers, sorry

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    Kurea 2 weeks ago

    he deleted my comment lmao