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first of all: i dont take you serious if you hate but dont say whats bad but just say something like this is trash then tell me why its trash! my genre: bass,drum ,rap, hip hop and trill my real name is villads original im from denmark but i live in germany lol Thanks to @trapjo$h100 my first follower follow him 15 yrs old my soundcloud is (link is only visible to registered users)
dont look down on trap/trill its just my genre and if you dont like it fuck off my wall
My favorite rappers:
1. XXXTENTACION (and trippie redd)
2. trippie redd (and XXXTENTACION)
3. lil skies
4. Lil xan
5. Lil uzi vert
shout out to:
@808Leelo he’s great to talk with
@KidFlex @ThatBoiiCheese
@りに matrix. I love his Music
@Trapjo$h100 he’s a Nice person
@YOuReaL his Music is fire! @x7-00 and @Deadpool06 follow Them cause they are my friends and they are trying AT so follow them. real fans is @Trapjo$h100 and @CS|Sxpremer2x
follow me and i'll follow you back... @808leelo is a really nice person so everyone follow him! He’s good to talk to and his Music makes me happy so mega shout out to @808Leelo
Im 15 yrs old and just love to produce music. if you wanna collab im in.
No hate comments audiotool is begginin to fall down in public cause all the guys who are really good to produce music only like EDM Music and hating trill,rap and other street Music genres so dont hate, audiotool is NOT for hating!