Edition Audiotool: dabrig

Total playing time: 1:10:57

The 21st of october 2015 is well known for good time travel requirements. So lean back and enjoy this list full of classic minimal tracks from some years ago. Thanks to our this week's Featured Artist @dabrig .

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1. e.m.t. by @Snadbrugen

"You ask why not the edit version ... I cant explain. Perhaps nostalgia ... But amazing track. I loved it back then and still so."

2. BABY LET ME BE by @Nominal

"Love this track. I listen to it often at work to get rid of bad mood."

3.Moon Base by @femme_robot

"One of the tracks that bind me to AT. Legendary track in my opinion but tastes are differ."

4.C.N.C by @Potasmic

"Amazing track. I really enjoy the 8bit-ish flavour of it"

5. Cembalo Undead by @Snadbrugen

"I think this the AT track I have listened to most and it made me a Sndbrgn fan."

6:Himmelblau (preview) by @sumad

"Very creative and no less amazing track. I love the quiet sounds in this one and I don't agree with the 'pre'.

7. E-Voice by @Olondro

"Awesome track. I think it has the ultimate summer feeling. Listen to it a lot in the open air season."

8. Closed by @amoeba

"A track I listen to a lot in private. A mind clearing track. When it starts the world turns a bit slower ... cheesy."

9. Unendlich by @André Michelle

"A fantastic masterpiece that showed me a lot about producing and Audiotool in general when I was remixing it back then. Really awesome track without any fancy stuff."

10. Wedoallthework by @DaveTerrell

"A comparatively recent track on this list but unbelievably good. I especially love the middle part. Dreamy and danceabely hard at the same time."

Artist Recommendation: @bjoiful

"Love the creativity of Bjoiful and the idea of his chemical elements series. Definitely underrated."

11. Hydrogen by @bjoiful

"Simple but effective. Love the craziness in this one."

12. Origin of Live by @dabrig

"Every time I listen to it I think it needs a better kick or some more work. But I won't change because for me the sound fits like little gears."

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