better now, thanx sumad for the tip

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  • so nostalgic

  • btf, our pain, the memories become, through time, soft and golden. and realized this present moment too someday will be looked back upon as pleasant sweetness. but the experience is distant right NOW. so a twisting of memory's lies and present consciousness' blindness blend into nostalgia. this undead emotion zombie meandering through the passageways of a weakening heart

  • yeah, i guess it is the point :)

  • yes that's true. Sounds old ;)

  • Different ... think I prefer your rmx, feels like something missing here compared to rmx, even if it's still a great track

  • whoa ;o

  • Ahh lovely sound. Such talent

  • 100!! :) Semplicemente Splendida!!


  • Yep definitly in need of another refav! REeeFAaaaV!!!

  • refav! :)

  • man in need to hear jackfruit now too

  • nostalgia (;

  • Yep that is how I discovered him too!

  • june 16, 2011 may have been the first time i heard a Sandburgen track. a felicitous day indeed.