Cover of track moon_base by femme_robot
  • about 8 years ago
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femme_robot, moon_base


moog on the moon

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    mrrosen about 5 years ago

    Excellently done! I do not like this type of music, but I recognize this pieces quality of work. The transitions are smooth and everything culminates perfectly. But, including this song, it seems as though every song on Audiotool is just a bit too long. This one is almost perfect in length, though. Almost.

    Great job, though!

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    Olondro about 6 years ago

    I love this, .... iam a elektro supporter, the musik once called elektro...(download)

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    Kawa about 7 years ago

    sound cool :)

    I love the beat

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    Mr.Grip about 7 years ago

    ¬°Really cool shit men!

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    ntjon about 7 years ago

    Lunar Base drew a halo on the lens of my telescope ...