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a-recordsEdition Audiotool: Notoz

Total playing time: 1:10:03

Our this week's Featured Artist @notoz compiled this awesome playlist for us. Go and check out his feature on Feacebook: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. Resurface by @Lyon (done)

"This track deserves so much attention. I have no words to describe how well done this track is. Really just a general favorite. This almost didn't sound like it was made in Audiotool. It's just like <B L A N K> said "This is just so well done in every aspect." Because it really is."

2. Spiral by @amoeba

"So many memories with this one. The melody, the bass, the atmosphere. Really just an overall beautiful track that I often come back to. Amoeba has many other amazing tracks, but this one hits the feels."

3. Plano by @3Beats

"Definitely an under-rated artist, very talented individual with so much potential and really shows it with this simple track.

4. Everlasting Autumn by @RDz • Onyx

"My original Drum and Bass inspiration here at Audiotool. Onyx has so many great tracks, however I just wanted to point out this one as it brings back so many memories and it was the reason why I moved towards Drum and Bass."

5. Into The Atmosphere by @Sota.

"Another artist who inspired me to move towards Drum and Bass. Sota has many other great tracks so I suggest those who haven't checked him out should really do so."

6. Day Dream by @DubLion

"Dublion is without a doubt a talented artist. I've been working with him for some time now and I'm pretty impressed with the amount of motivation this guy has. This is personally my favorite track from him."

7. Waves In The Sunset by @Syntax

"Syntax' pads are incredible and in this track really shows it. A really great track made by Syntax, absolutely love the simplicity of this track."

8. Broken Projector by @Kepz

"Kepz is a master at his art, whether it be music or painting (yes I saw that Pulv painting of yours). This track by Kepz is my personal favorite, like a lot of the tracks on here, it brings back memories."

9. Comedown by @Astrum

"Another one. This along with Heis'n'b brings back so many memories. I remember this was my first track I ever downloaded at Audiotool around my freshman year of High school. A great classic by Astrum."

10. Quantumplation by @Jonjon

"All time favorite by Jonjon right besides his Indigo Dnb Remix. Such a great track with amazing bass and really just incredible drums. The 303 on this works so well as well as incredible vocals and sound design."

Artist Recommendation: @...

"Previously known as "Mourn" or "Another Terrestrial", This guy is incredible and his tracks are pretty unique. This guy is definitely under-rated. He's made some great tracks before and I'm looking forward to seeing more from him. I just really love the atmosphere he puts out in his tracks."

11. I can't explain by @...

Favorite Track of his own

12. Kodama(Ft Mourn) by @notoz

"I was pretty proud of the outcome of this track, also thanks to Mourn it was fleshed out. I think it kind of puts me into a nice step into the type of DnB I want to create. "

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