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  • filth

  • Wow!

  • Oh great! :D

  • yes!

  • I agree with dronealpha. What he said.

  • refav wonderful :)

  • I missed this one, fantastic groove.

  • Very good.

  • beautiful sounds tocaknox; the image calls to mind Murakami's "hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world" and your track's use of the familiar king quotes even reversed/modded is dream like and strange like the world we might/ and sometimes do live in. real inspiring wild creative imaginative stuff. love this :)

  • awesome beat! Sorry for not following you man!

  • oh yesss awesome !! welcome back bro !! i missed your beats :)

  • nice work, tocaknox :)

  • Been a while since I heard you're stuff - class man :)

  • Thx guys!

    @ Olaf: It has not been designed for the competition, but I've posted ;)

  • Yah sweet n1m8:) !