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  • hey u guys go check out my first production i beilieve its great an i follow back please go listen Transformation thank you

  • I see on rnzr's track that you talk about the jury of klub affekt. Is that right that the jury only want some complextro stuff?

  • Hohoho ! Amzing track !

  • thank you fellas :)

  • VERY kool

  • really good!!!

  • cool track bro

  • thanks alot Mars !

  • Another cool track. I like the quirky synth sound.

  • ur welcome :D Deconstrictor lol :D

  • I'm not too. Otherwise the track would have been called Deconstrictor ... oh no bad joke :/ Thanks mate ;)

  • ahhh! I love u Sandburgen :D (no homo)

  • yes George it was a melodie befor it became a hihat ;)

    thank you all!!

  • yeah, very sweet this sub, nice minimal track

  • I got the subbass...My eardrums are still vibrating!