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1. Look Up To The Heavens by @ClickZ

"This song was very controversial when it came out when someone hacked ClickZ’s account claimed that he had committed suicide. We were all distraught, but relieved it was not true I am in love with the progression of this track and perc choices. Beautiful. "

2. Arrival by @Lionson

"Was an honor to be the first person to favorite this track by an artist unknown to the community and then see it as a featured track a few days later. An amazing song that I keep going back to over and over again. And an AT classic."

3. All Of My Friends (Julsy Remix) by @Julsy

"Another guitar-heavy track, both Julsy and Sky Bound Zoo on the same track is not an uncommon thing, but this remix is so beautiful it keeps me coming back, percs are a fav!"

4. Underwater Trees by @Farrow Eights

"Probably my favorite AT track. Two powerhouses of skill and perfect sound design, Zone and Minotaur team up and make a track that makes me feel so inspired to make something half as good. This song reminds me of a car ride where you reflect on all the trials that you’ve gone through to get where you stand today. The good and the bad…and accepting your finite existence. From the percs to the mystifying pad, this beautiful song structure keeps me coming back again and again (just look at my comments on the track)"

5. Elm Street by @Uprising

"A cinematic and gorgeous work by Uprising who gives so much to his music, the transitions are beautiful and the atmosphere is so cultivating from the needle-like high hats to the plucks."

6. Tidal by @Tyburn

"Tyburn has been the person who I’ve learned from the most. I am constantly opening his tracks to get insight on how to make sound with such clarity. Really, any one of his tracks would have made the cut. I love the delay effects and the synth from the beginning here. Such powerful sound."

7. Night Train by @Kepz

"Kepz is a huge inspiration for all! Especially love the depth of this song and the very interesting percs. His sound design is tight as ever."

8. Cluster III feat. NXTXRE by @GraphBoii

"GraphBoii more commonly known as Zone is a top notch producer from his attention to detail for mastering, to the carefully crafted sounds. Always willing to change genre, I’ve been able to like whatever he makes. This track is specifically beautiful and unique. Open it up, there’s so much to learn!"

9. Twilatoo - Je rave (the schedule remix) by @Jane Doe

"... by The Schedule also known as Sandburgen (now Nock Nilte) I remember where I was when I listened to this track for the first time. An amazing track that blew me away from start to finish."

10. 3- EVERYDAY ANYONE [2013 mix] by @Nominal

"An AT classic. This track has constantly haunted me throughout the years the way the Lengendary Pink Dot’s Alchemical Playschool (highly recommended-but beware!) (link is only visible to registered users) has haunted me. An amazing track with beautiful bass and contagious dark groove."

Artist Recommendation: @ne.time

"ne.time, formerly @Night Eyes and @the8bitexperiment has been a constant innovator and exposed me to lots of brilliant music recommendations when we became friends on AT. He’s been a source of music that differentiates itself with a strong sense of his personal style. Each track is cleverly crafted and there is always a noteworthy progression and statement in each piece. ne.time is a talented artist that truly writes for the love of his music. My favorite song currently by him is:"

11. Beyond The Screen by @ne.time

Favorite track I’ve made:

"The original draft I had for this was a stupid-happy, dead-end, 4 chord turd of a track until I was experimenting with reverb and a percussion technique (overhead drum sounds). I created that pad and all the sudden, I knew I had to delete everything and go with the vision I saw in it. This track cultivated the exact emotion I wanted to convey and I don’t get tired of it."

12. Exit Stance by @Approaching Human

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    Approaching Human

    Thank you all so much.... having trouble @talking to people so I shall attack thy walls!

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    Wow, what a great selection, this are all tracks i like - beautiful!

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    great mix:)

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    Wooooooo, and I thought my day couldnt get any better. Thanks so much AH, it is an honnor to be in this list and a pleasure to read your good words. Keep up the good work, it's so nice to see inovative artists like you get some attention here.

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    Im still here waiting for someone to eventually put one of my tracks in here

    But, Alas! No one does

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    Wow, I'm so honored man. You have such a good spirit :)!

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    Approaching Human

    Thank you artists you all are very beautiful, talented and creative people. Never forget that!

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    got some really nice choices in here man

    gratz on the feature

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    I'll definitely check out your music soon!

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