Woah guys. don't worry. check my bio/description thing on my page for more details

1. I am so jolly, there wouldnt be 1 thing that would make me do this

2. I probably shouldnt keep the same password for 2 years

3. I love this community and I would never do this to you as a joke.

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  • very chill

  • this was fun

  • Guys please check out this song! I think it is really good and I hope you do too!

    The Start of Something Special

  • My passwork is hard to guess, its like 245245235623456356 or something...

  • you don't understand, Arp, it was someone out of audiotool who hacked him.

  • This whole hacking/AT drama is so stupid and pathetic. Unfortunatly some users don't know how to behave and expect the admins to baby sit them. Anyway, make sure your password is varied in characters and you'll have no problems with the morons that do this :)

  • Yayy bro XD

  • woah dude chill

  • Sorry

  • I don't know what happened :(

  • fewwwww damn it scares the shit out of me.

  • I kept my password the same for 5 years now. Only high-level accounts I keep with a more secure (longer) password

  • huh

  • ._.???

  • thank god