Martin Below

Experimental Support for Firefox Quantum

  • 2 weeks ago
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Experimental Support for Firefox Quantum

Next can now be launched using the latest Firefox. However, performance is not quite on par with Chrome, and the booster won't work.

Please file a Bug Report if you encounter other issues.

Download Firefox Quantum here: (link is only visible to registered users)

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    Jordi Moragues 2 weeks ago

    Very happy about support for other browsers. Ironically, the mini-dashboard welcome window still shows the warning about problems with "the current version of Chrome" when opening Next with Firefox. This is after the initial warning about Firefox support being at an early stage, before the welcome screen appears. Maybe you could just detect the browser and display one warning or the other in the welcome window, just once.

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    Noodle24 2 weeks ago

    Thank you! I'm a Firefox fan and I think it's time for other browsers to run Next.

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    Sndbrgn 2 weeks ago