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Oh, that was exciting again.

This time, the result was very close. So close that even two artists have to share the second place. We haven't had that before.

The Challenge: JayFK took his microphone and collected sounds in his kitchen. All of them were of high quality, yet it wasn't easy to make something musical out of them. But you wouldn't be you if you couldn't shine even in this task. So many great entries, yet the jury had to determine three rankings.

We will start with the winner

  1. 1 Microwave complaint by Lavalamp

Jury Member and challenge Creator JayFK said about this track:

“Oh my god, awesome! The sounddesign... Aaaaahh. And I love the end with the dishwasher :-)”

Prize: 1 Sennheiser headphones HD 280 PRO and 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

  1. 2 itchy Sounds by Olondro

Jackson Hale a.k.a. Astrum wrote about this track:

“Banger indeed. clean sound design and mix all around, atop a massive sounding bass drum”

Prize: 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

  1. 3 Jay's Kitchen Challenge by retro²

Fritiof Palm a.k.a. Frigolito’s opinion was:

“Retro's submission displays a substantial level of craftmanship and creativity by bringing out a sizable variety of tonal sonorities out of the mostly non-tonal dry kitchen recordings in this crisp and vibrant composition. Delicious!”

As usual, the top ten scores will contribute to our overall tally on the Summer Games page. Ultimately, the participant with the highest overall score will be awarded the main Award. (will be updated during this day)

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  • congrat Lavalamp !

  • thx Jay for the work put into this challenge. Was a lot of fun!

  • I have just uploaded all the kitchen samples again, this time freely available to all users. So if you want to slam the fridge door in your next track, you can do that now.

    You will find the Samples in the library with the tag: kitchen

    Many thanks again to all participants and congratulations to the top 3 winners. It was a pleasure to me, to be the host for this challenge!

    • make a bathroom challenge

    • yes!! will actually use again :P

    • Ah lovely. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the kind words ! I couldn't hope for it, so happy you liked it :)

  • congrats guys

  • I am happy that I have a place at thisone, was my favorite summergame so far, it was a funday with making music.... it ended in exhaustion... thank you jury esspecially Astrum for the kind words... shirts are allways good

  • nice

  • congrats!