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Hey Everyone,

Want your sound to get heard by billboard artists?

Meet Artist Connect, a platform where you can share your loops with Billboard producers and collaborate with top music creators worldwide!

ArtistConnect Website:

Here’s how it works: Billboard producers on the hunt post "opportunities" on the ArtistConnect site, essentially requests for what they need in their production. As a loop supplier, you can upload your loops or one-shot samples directly to the site and offer them to these producers. This has already sparked some fascinating collaborations! Plus, you can independently offer your loops and samples as sets, attracting even more producer interest.

The deal is straightforward and fair: users retain 100% of their earnings from song placements and beat sales for their compositions.

In the near future, we’d like to make this connection directly accessible from our website, allowing Audiotool users to upload their loops straight from Audiotool. But first, we want to test it out together with you.

Please let us know if services like these offered by ArtistConnect are interesting for you:

Have fun!

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  • TAYLOR SWIFT IS HERE??????????????????????????????????





    • Geez I hope not!! Swift is a useless, fully burning garbage person who is now no longer worth the dirt it lives in. It's is a worthless, resource wasting piece of trash and it should have been cancelled years ago. (preferably before opening its mouth.)

      Someone with the sort of power this reptile has, but then lives like it does, has just gotta be such a waste. Imagine having to live that thing's life?!?! Talk about torture. Having to look in the mirror even just once to see that thing looking back at you is enough to scar anyone permanently!

      And I'm betting the music you're making right now is better than anything of that things.

    • Taylor Swift probably has never even heard of Audiotool.



    • its no wonder being into that! There's only like 4 songs or or sumpin' isn't there?

  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • this is actually sick, cool for new placements

  • all the songs and requests i see are trap related i dont think many people on audiotool would use this site altho i do think if audiotool had some similar features like this it would be great for boosting the amount of collabs on here

    • I disagree, audiotool is mostly trap. However, you can customize what you see in your feed for requests by adjusting your account details. Turns out theres synthwave and guitar tags, which is great news for me!

      I've got acouple of views and downloads so far from submitting something each day off of a quick track template i whipped up in the audiotool studio.

      If what I'm doing doesn't work for you, just email the people! I got a response and advice from one of the employees in an hour. They seem pretty helpful so far!

    • Services like these are naturally dependent on current market needs. Covering a niche doesn't have to be a disadvantage, since you could be one of the few providers in that area. So, it might not be a drawback that you don't fit in at first glance. Additionally, there's the option to step out of your comfort zone and produce something that doesn't necessarily align with your own taste. It doesn't have to be bad either.

    • also your required to have instagram to request beats which is stupid

  • so we are making our loops in at and putting it up there and we get the earnings? how great of an idea!

    • i hope this goes well and we get the option of uploading it strait from at

  • The Google form doesn't work, i don't have permissions to see it.

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  • This will be great for people interested in Trap and Hip Hop!

    Anything for ambient though?

    • If you can make drinkable alcohol from toilet paper, (I've seen it done!) Then using Audiotool, you can strip a loop to its barest of bones and rearrange the parts again. Do it with loops one shots... anything.

    • oh ok

    • there's an option of ambient loops


  • Just signed up, lets see if we can get something out of GBYeah_stutterFX cooked into a trap loop. We'll get that on billboard top100, baby.

    • GBYeah_stutterFX my beloved

    • or that riddim vocal sample from before the sample-pocalypse 😭

    • bout to be the new chop snare

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  • idea sounds fire