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People's Choice Featured Artist Winner: Sphere

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We are proud and happy to present the winner of our user voting for the featured artist: Congratulations, sphere !

He immediately took the lead, and no one could push him out of the top spot during the week.

Sphere has a particular musical approach, which we are happy to explore in the interview.

To you, sphere: please send us an email to team(@)audiotool.com so we can send you the necessary documents.

Before the question comes up, even though we covered it in the original post, we are only featuring the winner. That's a one-time promotion, the outcome of which, except for first place, will not affect the upcoming Featured Artist round. In addition, mapping places 2-17 would lead to unnecessary discussions that would overshadow the actual event. Please take it as it is. This one won't be the last election.

Thank you for your active participation.

Your Audiotool Basement ☮☮☮

Featured Artist Sphere October 3

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