What's Up for 2019?

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What's Up for 2019?

Dear fellow Audiotool friends!

After Audiotool Next launched last year, you might be wondering what is coming up this year. So here are some spoilers that will get you excited! The main goals of this year's development are performance, stability and usability. Here is how we'll accomplish them:

New Audio Engine

We recently started to develop a new audio engine based on (link is only visible to registered users) and (link is only visible to registered users). In a nutshell, Rust is a fairly new language that features secure memory management and compiles to fast assembly code. WebAssembly is one of the latest technologies for the web, boldly claiming to execute code almost at native speed inside your browser. Both should provide the experience of executing desktop software. The new audio engine will also be multi-threaded, making use of all CPU cores in your processor. That means that devices will be rendered in parallel, drastically reducing the overall computation time. This is by far the biggest improvement in Audiotool's history. It's not to be expected before summer, but it will absolutely be worth the wait because it will open the possibility to more advanced and amazing devices.

Redesigned User Interface

We are currently developing a completely new foundation of the user interface that will be much easier to extend with new features. Design-wise, it is much more compact and avoids wasting screen space by using smaller font sizes and spacing. It also looks incredibly good and will give you options to customise the colour scheme of the app according to your mood or light conditions. We expect this to be available by the end of February along with many other small enhancements.

Welcome Our New Developer

We can finally welcome a new talented developer in our team! His first goal will be to help develop the new audio engine. His real name remains a mystery though. Check out Known As I and give him a warm welcome but don't you dare ask him for feature requests on his wall :)


In addition to these updates from the Audiotool basement, we also plan new contests and challenges later this year. Meanwhile consider helping us to further improve Audiotool with a one dollar pledge at (link is only visible to registered users).

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