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New Feature: Filter your samples by their clearance levels

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Play it safe

Samples now have colors that indicate their minimum trustworthiness. You can filter them by this property. Clearance levels introduce a simple way to keep your music production shielded from infringements of copyright or other vendor's terms & conditions.


Unfortunately we often need to block samples in order to keep audiotool free from infringements. This often leads to unpublishing tracks that made use of those samples. We know that most people do not understand that they actually used infringing samples so we wanted to offer a way to protect themselves.


The sample clearance level can be adjusted in the Studio's preferences:

In the Studio, select: Window > Preferences... > Samples, or press Shift+P and click Samples

We are introducing three levels of clearance:

  • Safe samples are guaranteed to be legally impeccable (best option)
  • Trustworthy samples are supposed to be legally impeccable (default option)
  • Unsafe samples potentially infringe copyrights or violate other terms & conditions (risky option)

You can click on the coloured dots next to each level name to learn more about them.

Please note that your own samples are always listed. Using them might blur your clearance, if you did not double-check your resources. Also, presets containing samples are not filtered yet. Use them with caution.

Yours audiotool basement ♥︎

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    discussed everything. moving on.

  • reading this comment section is the most entertaining thing I've done all day.

  • those trap kids dident know what to do with this one

  • Where do I find the mixers and vsts? Help for a newbie

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  • so about half of the comments is

    "D uDe Wheres my metro boomin 808, If i cant find it, you give me no other choice but to move to a a another platform called f-f-f........fl studio, Yeah i said it FL STUDIO."

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  • If your a musician, songwriter and write your own original stuff is there any way to get around the 30 sec upload rule

    • @Phantom actually, yes. If you're recording your own stuff, you just record it in bar sections like it's a loop. If I do any drums, guitar or keys I always think ahead in my song writing to figure out how it would fit when I record it. I sometimes just split my loops into verse, chorus, or bridge sections for each stem I need to record, then I compose around it with the synths or drums available in the audiotool app

      not exactly a loophole, but it is a useful way to think about how to handle samples you make in audiotool

    • dam dats cold

    • No

  • safe samples type beat

  • The fact that nobody can effin read pisses me off. YOUR SAMPLES ARE STILL THERE. MINE ARE THERE. I CHECKED. I love Audiotool, I have been using it for almost 3 years now. I totally agree with @Stormdrain where he said, "I'm starting to think a good chunk of the people complaining about this are 12 year olds who don't seem to have any creativity. " This is a FREE website. No ads. This is one of the only places you can find something like this. The AT team works so hard on producing Audiotool. They post these board posts to tell you things, not to receive criticism. I just want to say this to the AT team: Thank you so much for creating this piece of magic. <3

  • I don't like how multiple people are complaining about not having 808s.

    First off, they don't read on how to unhide the samples.

    Second, it's really not that difficult to make your own 808 in the studio. Just design a decent sub and automate the volume if you want some decay, it even sounds better than any of those samples ya'll use.

    I'm starting to think a good chunk of the people complaining about this are 12 year olds who don't seem to have any creativity. Sorry about that vent, but I just really felt like getting that off my chest. I realize this might be downvoted a bit, but honestly, I feel like we need more people saying this.

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    • i mean you can deadass take a default heis and throw a tube on there with some lowpass and call it a day its not hard to make a decent sub, good points @Stormdrain

    • But it’s opposite day

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  • Yah its rewind time


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  • idk about you guys but all the samples are gone, i literally cant find any good shit, just the at packs and my own uploads.

    • i wonder if this man even knows what he's saying since he obviously cant read @wasteemallslg

    • Please make a suggestion on how to rephrase the description on the top of this page. No one seems to understand that we ADDED SOMETHING and REMOVED NOTHING.

    • Do you use a Window's computer?

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