SO i wasnt planning on releasing this yet but SOMONE already remixed it (fluent *cough cough*) I hOPe Ya ENJoy! this is BY FAR my favorite song ive EVER made- like EVER

(yes the clipping is in the vocals by design lol)

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  • nice clipping

  • still one of my favorite AT songs

    • its so catchy

    • This song was WACK lmao I need to fix this up

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  • the tag in the beginning. dawggggg i need iittttt

    • Hey Verizon, no one talks like this

    • i know i couldnt get it haha. but I mean. that's frickin amazing and the fact that not a lot of people know where its from ;)

    • n o - thats LilBoPeep's tag lol. he'd be pissed. but there r plenty of other meme tags like "I love refrigerators" or "Hi welcome to chillis" or the good ol classic "Its free Realestate" would work great lmfao

  • thats cool way of using my sample

  • send me solus's info asap

  • looven it

  • hey im new would anybody like to help me wit the muic

  • defo think it' benefit from turning down the 808 as others have said

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  • both of yall are goats and i wanna collab no cap. you got that joji vibe and I'm rockin wit it.

  • dude i love the reverb which u added........

  • neat! i think u overdid it with the vocal stutters but other than that its nice

    • yeah no. its cool. just maybe a bit much

    • haha the stutters were like a brakence vibe i was going for but oh well

  • bathtub

  • Dis fyeeeeeeee

  • Republished

    I FIXED DA 808s

  • too much 808 bass

    clipping and breaking up everywhere. ouchie ><

    clean it up, it'll be nice doe

    • nawwwww- lol this song wasn't supposed to be released yet. fluent remixed it so i published it. this is the rough draft- full version will be on my first Album this Oct.