idk, i know i havent made trap in a hot while and this didnt even take that long tbh, back to the old hard tings

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    thats a fat ass snare

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    this is cheesy af but whatevs this beat is dope

    Cant love a hoe never trust a snitch

    tellin off to the cops and shit

    kickin in the doe takin all da shit

    on the way out burn down the crib

    im bout the guap so i cant lose

    I be workin crates yall niggas snooze

    Ion fw wine ion fw booze

    smokin wifi till i cant move

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      Santa Tai

      Lmao its ass, don't mind it just had to get that outta me

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      Santa Tai


      Big chop it dont miss

      Big chop it make your ass flip

      big chop, make you do the twist.

      Air the bitch out, then bliss

      Air the bitch out, then the clip flip.

      Nigga this aint games, we really make that bitch switch.


      All I hear is talking

      Pull on your ass, we sparking

      bitch no more talking.

      We really not about that barking.


      Spin again, and we leave your ass floating

      Call my skywalker, cuz im floating.

      Call me the sith, cuz Im choking.

      yo bitch had me choking.

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      Pul up in a benz im dripping (aye)

      go and call you mans i caught him slipping

      my girl say i be cheating but she trippin

      here come the police yeah im dipping

      aye got a hoe

      no show

      drop his ass in the snow

      spurring him on like GO DIEGO GO

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    Santa Tai

    If you don't open remix dawg

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    sheeeessh, shlaps

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    this bass is sick but a lil distortion would have me on the floor

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    Santa Tai

    I say pan those mf plucks and the percs and make that mix W I D E

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    MOOSEY ♪

    this got my attention from the start! this beat slaps

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    oh god

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    quaser time

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    that 808 be like eww

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    Ty Freestyle

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    so hard it clips