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Whats Good. Im Kamui aka (Real Life Sharpshoting ShotCreator)
Im in the Tenth Grade. 15 years old
I Mostly Do Hip-Hop and Trap.
I do Lofi sometimes.
If you tryna Cook Something up and im not on audiotool
email me: yaboinoodlebread @GMAIL .com
Shout outs:
Momo (That One Girl Who Always Charts)....(She say she will, but she wont fite me)
Y.G.M THE GREAT (Aye.....Ayeee.....AYYYEEE!).....(We gone draw some fire)
The Client (That Dude who shit always Bump)
Sad Boi Taylor (Underated af, check him out)
Jay_Sea (*Post*....*Dissapear*.....1 month later...*Post*)
Yours Truly Young Kamui (That one dude)
Honestly I Fuck with alot of producers on AT, Just cant name all 66 of them.
Hit Up My Youtube, Slide In My DM's (Dont Slide in My DM's 4real that shit would be wierd af)

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