I know that it doesn't fit all the codes of synthwave even if synthwave is probably the nearest category for that (I guess) (or electro ?)


Feel free to remix it or to leave a feedback/advice :)

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  • Yours music is extroadinary, i have never heard anything like it. your english is doing pretty good, btw.

    • Thanks for your kind words ! I don't have much time these weeks, but don't hesitate to ask if you need help and advice about music :)

  • had on loop for an hour

    • Wow good news because even when i like a song if i can't have a loop on it :/

      Hehe i don't know it i'm not that old i guess :)

    • 1. not true

      i still love it

      2. a shooter game thats really old lol

      *rush team

    • Ooooh that's true ? It's so coool ! But careful you will not like it anymore if you listen to it too much aha

      What game ?

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  • ahhhiuhgfwi8f9

  • oh putain ce pad de fouuu

    sinon le track est vraiment bon, mélodiquement chan'mé, il manque un poil de groove selon moi, peut ëtre plus de drums et dans les hats et il serait parfait ;)

    • Well, audiotool helped me to progress that's true, but sometimes Deepl helps me too ;)

    • Man tf are u saying ? Ur English is really good, at least better than mine and for sure better than the average level of French ppl in English in general, wich is horrendous ngl

    • I wish i could speak some GOOD english, that's not the case actually aha

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  • Awesome stuff! The chords are very creative and original!! Great work!

    • I'm sooo happy, because i was not sure the dissonant section was a good thing in the track construction :)

      It's really nice to have constructive feedback like yours, it encourages me to keep making music !

    • Hey, I was actually very tired yesterday when I looked at this. Now that I re-listen to it, I genuinely can't find any feedback for this. This is top notch and 100% deserved the #1 chart! Amazing work! The saxophone-like instrument is a nice surprise and fits very well with the track. The small dissonant section keeps audience attention and gets back in line once the lead kicks in- just awesome! And I looooove this chord progression!

  • WOW...

    All I can do is a 36 second weird thingie

    • Don't worry you will improve, you can open my track if that can help you :)

  • Great job!:~)

  • So clean :))))

  • wow

  • I can only repeat, really, really great.

    1:19 is my personal open mouth moment!

    quite brillant, what you're doing with the reverb.

    • Thanks ! I changed that moment when I rebublished the track, because the bass had too much sustain. Now the bass is (normally) more rythmic !

  • Republished

    Changed mastering + rythms

  • One of the best tracks I've heard on Audiotool so far!

    • Well, i take this as a huge compliment :)

  • I like how you constructed, alternated and intersected the melodies. I find the atmosphere very intimate and introspective, nice work