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  • Very nice.

  • Thanks for the pointers - I've definitely still got some way to go when it comes to mixing.

  • Yeah, great darkwave, although the mixing isn't too great and it sounds heavily compressed/limited at times.

  • cool stuff man !!

  • @Snadbrugen , rather think to Joy Division, this bass synth and voice....

  • Wow, what a knock down!!! This is.... big?....fat?.... great?... don't now words enough but I love that!

  • Sandburgen - yep - uncanny similarities there! :D

  • yeah ... 22 is more correct. I was 19 and I had an 8 track cassette recorder, a cheap e-bass and a doctor rhythm drum computer for one week. and I tried to sound like sisters of mercy

  • man that's good

  • Sandburgen - funnily enough - this start life 22 years ago with a cassette 4 track in my bedroom. Cheap guitars and a kids keyboard put through a chorus pedal.

  • oh wow, this really is ultimate darkwave! you got it all so perfect

  • Wow - thanks for the comments guys. It's still at draft stage, though probably close to being finished.

  • hauting and lovely voice, super old synths ! great work here dude

  • first thought: tuxedomoon (no tears)

    second thought: really authentic

    I feel 25 years younger now. Really great synthwork!

  • Still no download?????