something for the danceflorr

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  • Bombe! Congrats about adding to the youtube-channel! ;-)

  • Awesome, very danceflorr worthy. Need to use the living room florr for now though

  • woowwwww this is sick, those vocal chops are great... makes me feel like I'm at a rave

  • oooh yes!

  • love this and the picture

  • This is incredible!

  • Clubb'n, nice :~)

  • Ahhh REAL HOUSE MUSIC... I can feel the dopamine release...

    "I was there when HOUSE was born."

    • Thanks man, Is that the title of the release?

  • Smokey sounds, groovy as fuk ,old school coming up tune mate, ahhh memories,the little I have ha ;)

  • nice reminds me of my club days

    • Thanks anyways ;)

    • I think this is the reason why I'm still making this kind of music. To bring back some good memories. I prefer other music to listen to at home or while riding a car

  • oooh this is nice

  • cheeky!

  • perfection!

  • Thanks very much chaps :)

  • Love your minimal style