Thank's to every single one of you! It's an incredible feeling of joy when I publish a track too see that more than 200 people have thought that it was good enough for a follow.

Also, make sure to enter my remix competition: 200 Follower Remix Competition

I think everyone deserves to feel the same feeling, because it's such a good one.



Ok, so here is a small story of mine, of why I keep making music.

So I keep making music to express myself, because in school I'm not the most popular person to say the least, and the friends I have in aren't real, proper friends that are there when I need them. When I ask them if they want to do something, they say like "No, it's not tempting" or "Sorry, bro! I'm grinding." This really makes me want new friends so...

I try my best, but it seems that people doesn't properly like others who do things they don't understand. So people kind of push me away. And I feel kind of sad. This is why I come back to the community that has given me so much, and I try to give them something back.

I hope that you read all the way through, and tell me what you think of this in the comments or on my wall :) I also made this in 7 days!

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