haven't pubbed anything in a minute heres a demo

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  • the rework for this is almost done

  • what a dreamy track

  • pushing sounds to their limits everytime

  • Lol I was expecting some liquid dnb or something, that caught me off guard. Nice stuff as usual.

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  • this feels extremely brakence

    like if u collabed with brakence this is what it would sound like

  • quite nice

  • low key thought it was gonna be synthwave lol

  • well damn.

  • the clarity of those stabby notes in the beginning is really satisfying and the lfo filter effect on them is cool and interesting af

    and all the stereo shit going on is awesome, but that's your specialty imo

  • no.

    this isn't real.

    stop lying.


    • this is so skilled it hurts

      it sounds like it was made via different daw, like flow or something.

      not here, it can't be.

    • ‍‍?‍‍‍ 

  • very cool

  • dope

  • always a pleasure to hear your sounds :)) amazing amazing