It sounds so good because I didn't touch the mixing... ~N~


So, I was hyped to collab with Vulkron, but of course I got too intrusive. (Super sorry about that, I hate it when that happens.) But that aside, I made most of the structural stuff, Vulk did the mixing & mastering, and I'm really happy with the track. I had fun working on it, and I hope you did too :)

Hope y'all enjoy ~N~


Noice thingy, my guy. I kinda forgot who did the original melody, but i just hopped in and did chord design and mixing. He'd annoy me to work on the track even though i barely listen anymore (thanks @Sub4sax , im now tolerant to annoying messages).

Anyways, I hope you like it. Expect me to remake this later tho :D

Enjoy fam - Vulkron

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