I know you like this kind of music. This one is for you.

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  • Nice!!! Reminds me of Sublab/Azaleh/Skeler

  • I love this flip sm i keep coming back to it

  • Beautiful

    • No worries.. u got this king!

      Trial and error!

    • Idk if I can get the notes right lol, I know I can more than likely do the sound design. But I just really struggle with notes and timing/rhythm :/

    • I will be waiting. MIMO pretty much started this sub genre. Listen to more of his tracks, get the feeling of the vibe and I will eagerly wait for a track with this style from you!

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  • Sadly have to admit that this track is shit because AlphamusicG didn't ask for the download...

    • couldn't agree more, it's sad honestly 🥺

  • hate to say this man but doing things like this doesnt improve anything between you two

  • visceral pain

  • whaoooooah this is NASTY

  • Delicious

  • ts reminds me of a heavy rainy day at the school gym.

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  • this is the type of shit I listen to at the gym going thru old messages n screenshots.

  • dope asf!

  • Who is it