Rue Jue and Julsy: some Audiotool artists from the past who every one should know

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  • surprising quality improvement on a track that was already great.

    again the vocal implementation is lovely

  • hey bro! youre style still amazing. love it! how are you?

  • Nice dude

  • Sounds a little bit like the Blue Man Group... Ever so slightly.

  • maybe I'll publish some drafts on that account that Julsy and I never really got to finish.. man, your timeless style with her vox really does induce nostalgia <3

    • Very good idea, I'd love to hear some new material. Thanks mate :)

  • <3

  • strange things happening

  • ups

  • Republished

    vocals in the middlepart

  • Republished

    vocal fix in the middle part. goes better with the bosster

  • some funky work sand :) i like it!

  • Republished

    it's a challenge to finish a track when it's that glichy. I have to use the published track as a preview.

    • It’s an adventure ;)

    • Well know what you are talking about ! Challenge is even a light word

    • publish, listen, edit without monitoring, republish ... that‘s it ;)

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  • Perfect moody track. Love the main synth line. And yes, miss Julsy as well...

    • Thanks Sharkman. Rue Jue‘s Family is one of my Audiotoo alltime favs Great voice

  • Republished

    holy shot that's hard. enough for today

  • Republished

    another step