Ne Me Quitte Pas Rap Suite

1. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Allemande Mix)

2. Quitte-moi (Didgeridoo Sarabande)

3. NMQPR (Courante Remix)

4. Le rouge et le noir (Red & Black Gigue)

Performed by T-$$$ and na2

Produced by na2

Engineered by na2

Vocal, Didgeridoo, & Shaker: T-$$$

Back-up Vocals: The Lakeview Studio Singers

Other Instruments: Creative Commons & Elements from Original Brel Recording

Recorded at The Lakeview Studio, Lakeville, CT

Mastered by Landr

Sound Recording by na2

© ℗ 2017 Pipeline Entertainment

Words & Music by Jacques Brel

© 1959 Warner Chappell Music France / Editions Jacques Brel

Not for sale

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