Cover of track Holeshot (Stormdrain Remix) by Stormdrain
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Stormdrain, Holeshot (Stormdrain Remix)


NoW YoU aRe rEaDy fOr A BiG sCaAaAaRy DrOp.


I actually had a pretty good time remixing this ngl. I'd say Grawlix, or at least this track, is around my skill level production wise, so I think THAT'S actually what made it pretty fun.


Ya' know, I initially wanted to change so much in this track, but I ended up not doing that cuz the original bass design and general feel was actually the reason I wanted to remix it in the first place, so I ended up leaving a lot of the original elements in the track.


Huge fan of you Grawlix! Wish you could make a little more music tho. No doubt that if you weren't such a busy guy, you'd be way above most of audiotool. You're actually pretty great when it comes to production. If this was your "mediocre" track, I really want to see what you can making going all out.


Again, this was p fun. Hope ya' like it. :)

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