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I like music.
Unless I follow you, posting your track on my wall will get you a mute, so embrace it when it happens.
Just another overrated bass music artist. Hardly posting anything worth listening too these days.
The Dubstep of Audiotool: @XculE
The Deathstep of Audiotool: @joVee. & @Perdition
The EDM of Audiotool: @Vulkron
The Trap of Audiotool: @Client [Gone]
The Riddim of Audiotool: @BLASTA DUBS ☯ & @T S
The Hybrid of Audiotool: @SIREN
The Weird of Audiotool: @Infectzion {pulvenberg}
The Chiptune of Audiotool: @Jetdarc
The Remix of Audiotool: @sonic3ze
The Bass Music of Audiotool: @Snio & @1trillionMPH
My favorite track on AT: I'm Sorry.
My second fav: GSPIN x snio - HARDLIGHT
My third fav: Uprising - Another Life (Ft. KrazieKammie) [remix]
If you're struggling with getting out there, this should help: How to rightly get your music noticed!
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@yito (Remix Comp)

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