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I like music.
Unless I follow you, posting your track on my wall will get you a mute, so embrace it when it happens.
I'll usually post a decent track every week or so. (Not including shitposts)
I'd consider producing to be a hobby, not really a career, but that's just me, I suppose. There's of coarse the rare exception that if you end up in the music industry. If that ends up being the case, well, good for you.
Follow the deathstep of audiotool: @anus obliterater & @Perdition (switching FL)
Follow the dubstep of audiotool: @XculE still working
Follow the generic EDM of audiotool: @Vulkron stays in his room
Follow the trap of audiotool: @Πελ (TheClient)
Follow the generic riddim of audiotool: @virusmachine
Follow the hybrid of audiotool: @SIREN (check desc)
Follow the weird of audiotool: @Infect does stank face
My favorite track on AT: I'm Sorry.
If you're struggling with getting out there, this should help: How to rightly get your music noticed!
Also Follow: @Zephrix - He's the only one who fully appreciates my work. lol

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