Some metal inspired riffage with 303. A techno experiment.

Don´t take it so serious, just for fun of making music in audiotool! Cheers metalheads! Bang On!

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  • great one

  • Great work, I like this evil totalitarian sounding track a lot.

    • Thanks brother! Let´s keep on grooving!

  • Beautiful. I will take it seriously. Audiotool, ableton whathever. If a track is good its good no matter how is done. I love it, only thing personally I would have set the bpm a little bit higher. But I like it also this way! Good work

    • Thanks for the kind words mate!!!

  • nice one mate!

    • Metal influences on 303! YEAH \m/

  • Superb Acid man, great track; )

    • 303 making the job! Raw and Power!

  • love it! :)