made for the 3 tonematrix challenge

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  • really incredible stuff

  • almost a year already damn

  • who's grabbin that 100th fav

  • this amazing sound is what i want to make

  • Wait, so you are telling me these sounds are coming from only 3 tonematrix??

  • words cannot even begin to describe how this track makes me feel, its probably the single most beautiful track I've heard on this entire website

  • geez. this goes really hard. it's almost as if you can feel pain and suffering through this song. it feels as if i was almost abandoned and neglected. great job!! (btw, i js started making music, so this is very motivational. keep up the great work!!)

  • gaddam this hits

  • jeebus chrudst

  • not surprised this got 1st place, i knew from sound alone this was gonna be the definite winner lol

  • there's some serious work on this one.. I'm seriously impressed! I love it.

  • lets go! knew it


  • wasn't sure i could still do numbers like this so thanks y'all

    • This challenge is popping! A lot of artists are really interested to see what is possible with such limitations! I'll admit even if you're not interested in participating you probably have at least a little bit interest in seeing what can be done. This is a really good example! Nice work OP :)

  • who let you cook