Cor Caroli was the very first commander in the astral plane and was originally a being with complete and utter dominance over mental energy. He's such a brilliant being that he can pull the foreign concepts of physical and spiritual energy into his affinity, making him the pinnacle of all energy. Cor Caroli most consistently used light-based abilities because, despite the absence of emotion in these original forms of the commanders, he had an unexplainable preference for radiance.

[LOOP START - 3:14 | TIME SIGNATURES - 4/4, 19/16, 7/8, 5/8 | ALTERNATE TITLE: Vs Hyperdyme Cor Caroli]

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  • you should make a hi-fi non-chiptune version of this. i love these melodies!

  • bro wtf

    how do you even start to make something like this

    • Btw I'm used to big projects

    • It's the overload that makes this hard because I can't stop it at times, not how big it is

    • @Zac better to start with smaller projects with a more straightforwardness to them.

      work yourself into stuff like this.

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  • whoa...

  • This is really cool, super melodic and the glitching carries the entire song

  • I'm trying to hold back on making descriptions ;-;

  • Holy gooofer mcgoobyballs

  • Perfect work!


  • so amazing

  • I'm willing to pay for a game that has ur music

  • love those stutters

  • Woo!

  • oh my god this is nuts

    • the times signatures are also cool as fuck