randomly found the tekken sample after i made the intro, and it just so happened to fit perfectly so thats kinda cool

will be up on soundcloud in a bit :)

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  • i didn't know this was included in the tekken soundtrack. Very cool!

    • never played tekken im a dragon ball z person

    • what are your favorite tekken games?

    • maybe lol

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  • There are just 2 synths lol

    • ive come quite some ways to say the least

    • and they're both 808's lol

  • That 808 is so crisp, I can never make an 808 I like

  • The sad thing is, im talented at making music i just cant, im using my schools cromebook, im too pour to buy a nice laptop to make beats.

    • It dont matter what you make music on boi

      You just try your best

      sooner or later you will get better

      just how things work dude

    • Who iz you and where u come from?

  • This is hilarious!

  • snio you fucking madman

  • feels empty

    but really fucking clean

    i love the fact when the 808 hits, then the main synth perc thing delays

    thats sick dude

    other than that, i would have something in the background, and i would change the drops at times

    but this is amazing keep up the work

    • thanks! I wish I added a few more background hats/percs in the drop cause I agree it’s a little empty but thanks for the crit

  • Rerererefave

  • Republished

    removed the silly strings at the end

  • The moment the beat goes from halftime to whole gets me everytime

  • Refaved, if there was a ReFave button I would have pressed it a billion times just this second

  • dear friend, you are blessing on this earth