As I like the works of Jordo Martise (調和) --> I did a Katzenmuzik Edit of that track. I took a while...

Hope you enjoy...

MEOW MEOW from #Katzenmuzik

Jordo Martise (調和): "I created this beautiful house track, which is full of melody, with the help of Low Ego and Apoc. They spiced up the track with an extra layer of bass and mastered the track to ensure all the sounds work well together. Hope you guys like the product of our efforts. Feel free to comment and fave if you like it."

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    Jordo Martise Sound

    about 10 months ago

    Love your edit, sounds like an excellent club edit. great work. If you don't mind, I would love to add it to the Harmonics remix album.

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      about 10 months ago

      Thank you for that positive feedback. Sure, you can add it to your album