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Stage Name: Imagination
Real Name: Jordan Martell
Gender: Male
Age: 21
USP: Aspergers and OCD
Genres of Music Explored:
- Drum and Bass
- House
- Ambient
- Techno
- Melodic and at times deep, trying to take you to a happy place.
Skill Level: Amateur
Remix Competition of "Harmonics"
65 Follower Remix Contest (Harmonics by Imagination)
Finishing end of October
Remixes So far:
Harmonics (Celcius Edit)
Imagination (The Best of a Year's Work)
First Album made a month ago, with my first years work.
Second Album will be soon with my new track "Harmonics", with the best remixes of the track included.
A album will be create of all my collaborations.
Collab with Celcius complete
Tangerine (Celcius and Imagination Collab)

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