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Stage Name: Jordo Martise (aka Imagination)
Real Name: Jordan Martell
Gender: Male
Age: 21
USP: Aspergers and OCD
Genres of Music Explored:
- Drum and Bass
- House
- Ambient
- Techno
- Melodic and at times deep, trying to take you to a happy place.
Skill Level: Amateur
Remix Competition of "Harmonics"
69 Follower Remix Contest (Harmonics by Imagination)
Finishing end of October
Remixes So far:
Harmonics (Celcius Edit)
Imagination - Harmonics (DJ JeAnne Remix)
Just to say, thank you to those who have taken part in the remix competition of Harmonics. All three entries were really good and will feature in the album with the original track. The results are in, first place is Celcius's edit of Harmonics, second place goes to Herbal Smoke and Third place goes to DJ JeAnne. Just to say all the remixes were great, making it a hard decision to decided who got which place. But thanks so much for taking part.
Imagination (The Best of a Year's Work)
First Album made a month ago, with my first years work.
Second Album will be soon with my new track "Harmonics", with the best remixes of the track included.
A album will be create of all my collaborations.
Collab with Celcius complete
Tangerine (Celcius and Jordo Martise Collab)
I love the fact Roland and reincarnating the TB 303 and Tr 909: There new range is affordable two, so, I will be saving for them.
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