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  • I would love to collab w/ you on something like this. I have no idea which account is your main but I come back to this song literally on a daily basis man

    • thank you, we can do a collab, but i have to say that i don't really approach my stuff with a concept, the end result is always a bit random

  • I honestly cry to this, it reflects my solitude.

  • Terrific!

  • holy shit wow

  • Pickle ray bout to get you

  • This is now one of my favorite songs on the site. I keep coming back to it.

  • this is sick af

  • We wish we could make a full analysis of this track. Also, a similarity has been detected.

  • Woah dat me

  • the best bass ever made on here by far

  • SHIT i wish i could make stuff like this

  • yea

  • This sounds awesome, wooooowwwwwiiiiieeee.

  • this sounds like god

  • That bass sounds incredible.

    What a way to produce so well <3