i'm dying

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  • Wtf...!!


  • but honestly, I dont want to criticise this, because who am I to do so... but that clap is a tiny bit too intense and loud, some freqs around the middle or highs

  • loud XD

  • Now that I've gone back to listen to this, this track reminds me somewhat of Apex Twin for some reason

  • hey this was cool and good

  • ok isqa

    • Right?! This reminds me of him

  • i CANNOT fucking get over how good this shit is omfg

  • How the heck do you make automations on audiotool next?? I been looking stupid for two weeks and no one posted crap on youtube about it lol.

    • why do you expect your answers on youtube more than google, or even better, the audiotool forums?

    • right click the thing your trying to automate and click automate parameter, how easy is that

  • How the fuck are people still making stuff that sounds like this without being able to upload samples?! Can somebody fill me in on what the tricks are in this stuff?

    • you can still keep samples you uploaded i think but also he is a genius

    • step one: stop complaining

      step two: make something with what you have

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  • oh it's off the album

  • this is so fucking addicting omf

  • this penetrates me soul

  • aaaa thiS GREAT

  • wtf is this shit.

    My only fav part 1:20

    But I bet this was hard to make so i give you that