Music go brr

I go brr

I = Brr = Music

I = Music

im a silly lil fella,

Cheers!- doof



Wish upon a little star

Catch your breath don't go to far

I hope you realize

It's all in your head

Symptoms of a broken heart

Flap your wings and hide your scars

Left in dust the vines will spread

Down your throat and neck again

If when you fall behind

Just let me know

I'm sure we could find

A place to dine in

Outside of your favorite foods

I still don't know the real you

Try as i might

Tell me stories of your life

Favorite toys, a bad school fight

Your best friend, and how he died

Please know it’ll be alright

Confess all your deepest fears

All the secrets kept for years

Don't just give up on your life

Could you please put down the knife

And if someday you’re gone

Please take me with you

I don't want to die


Share with me your hidden dreams

In the valleys left unseen

Sit on shores with misty waves

With your thousand mile gaze

Wish upon a little star

Look behind, you’ve come so far

Orchids blooming from your chest

After all, i must confess

I love you, okay?

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  • This is amazing, I'm still learning about this WHOLE app so (hope I'm not asking to much) could you give me some tips for how to get vocal parts added?

    • *new (lol)

    • Im not too good at explanations because i am also knew and figuring stuff out as i go lol!

    • Thank you so much! You can add vocal tracks by putting down an audio track and then there should be an option to record. Once you record it, it will take you to audiotools samler, and then you should be able to upload the sample to audiotool cloud. Once you do that you look for that sample in your samples and just add it to the song

  • I love this bro

    Hoping to hear more vocal tracks from you :D

    (also how tf did you fav this XD)

    • more vocal tracks on the way :D

      (im just built like that)

  • Period

  • Really good. For a breakthrough in Germany you would definitely need a name change

    • Damnnnn D:

    • Makes total sense. Didn’t know him tbh

    • yeah lol, but its still accurate :D

      my name is based after Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirts the GOAT

      (i love Phineas and Ferb)

  • so fucking nice, really refreshing to hear more acoustic music on audiotool

    side note, how did you fav your own song??

  • Can't stop listening this is amazing

  • there's like a weird vocal thing at some point (~ 2:15 ) lol, sorry in advance

    (i did not wanna re-record it to fix, im very sorry lolll)

    also, i love the ocarina part LMFAO

  • This is soothing