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Hello everyone welcome, to my wall hope you all enjoy my music just want you to check out my music before you post yours on my wall cause it kinda fair cause you know but ye hope yall enjoy <.< >.>
the one that got 100 followers go's to-TyJoji
Thank you
These are the fam Ik right now for Audiotool
@BubbLz - the person who got me into synths
@(NBK) VSD (Check my Wall) - True Fam
@(IDK GANG) Y0UNG_G3M1N1 - Idk if he still here
@ひOfficialRetroひ™ - Check him out
@Mxxicvn Phxnk (PM) - Phonk master
@.com - The guy that got me to hundred (thank you)
@KCBeats [gb]] (HIAUTUS) - Beat master
@Mr. 57 [On FL & LMMS] - we ran out of lotion again
@gåbrëlë10√<====[]====>© - is he still here?
@JmoneyBeatz - cricket man
@KLVSS - someday I would like to collab with him
@Asian Boi - my Asian friend
@Asianeyes - also my Asian friend
@NISHIKI - Legend
@Kurea - One of the cutest people on the site.. na jk
@Sndbrgn honest person i know
@[dot∆ki. ライト. b e a t s]☁ - GOAT Lo-Fi Artist
@low ego - Don't get tricked by his name
@★KCTheProducer★ - All he does is get better
@TkYo - Catch my Drift
I will be putting more but yea