Hey guys!

My Main Account is Vermont Beatzzz

I was a little shy to show my voice to the audiotool public, but theres a first time for everything right?

This is my 4 time using my voice ever sooo pls no rude comments.

1. Collab and $50 ( if im not broke by then )

2. Help with a Beat

3. Shoutout.

I might forget about this challenge or delete it soooo do it fasssstt.

BPM# 83

Key : Eb Minor OR Gb Major @Earthlore

G♭, A♭, B♭, C♭, D♭, E♭, and F.

[Lyrics ]

Remeber'd when i was a padawan

They'd treat me like a tag along

Even tho i knew it wasnt really right

i still wanna feel belonged

Now they outa my sight

i think i finnaly moved on

Been doing beats for too long

Now your homie writing a song.

Deadline : DEC 1, 2022

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