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Going for a complete reboot! I'm returning, but this time focusing more on myself. As you all know, I left because my mental and physical health were not in the right settings. My hearing loss was frustrating to deal with, I had no equipment for music production, I had severe writer's block and I was just exhausted trying to write and release songs. But with support from my friends and family, I've returned, more aware of myself! I'll be moderating the projects I take in here and there, so for now I won't be accepting collabs. I'm more focused on refining my mixes and learning production skills in this new era in my musical journey on Audiotool, as well as finding my signature sound.
I'll be more dedicated to putting out regular content on YouTube related to my Audiotool works, so if you would kindly subscribe or follow me on my socials outside of AT that would be really helpful in helping me grow in my music career!
Here's a list of all my ongoing projects!
- A How To Sound Like (HTSL) Series dedicated to Audiotool artists
- A collaborative series, dedicated to Audiotool which will soon be revealed (actual record labels involved!)
- My upcoming album, which is about 40% done
As you can see, I do have a lot going on, so try not to ask me for collaborations or invite me randomly! I'll constantly update my wall for people who would like to see if I'm free for a project.
Please don't spam on my wall. You can leave a track here if you're asking for feedback, or if I follow you, because then I'd have an initial agenda to follow you because of your music. Any spam gets deleted and you get immediately blocked.

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