Cover of track Delta Phi (GSPIN Remix) [500] by 1trillionMPH
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1trillionMPH, Delta Phi (GSPIN Remix) [500]


thank you for 500


delta phi was one of the first songs i heard made on audiotool when i first found the site around 6 years ago. this song (and also timestopper) instantly showed me how powerful audiotool was as a daw, and for that i'm grateful. without these two tracks i probably wouldn't have stayed around very long. as a result of that i've met some amazing producers and people throughout my 6 years here.


some of my first fans:




@S K E H S E P

yeah i remember you guys

thank you for encouraging me to keep going


but this aint no 500 special without a shoutout to the BOYS:




@Head Trauma Romance







here's to another 500

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