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A diverse producer with an open mind.
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@Head Trauma Romance
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My Albums, EPs and Singles:
Adventure of a Lifetime (Deluxe)
Invasion LP (WIP)
Frigid Blast EP (WIP)
Disappear EP (WIP)
Last Wish (Single)
Creation (Single)
Anomaly (with GSPIN)
Late Night
Elysian (with Pendragon)
My Burden
The Crystal
Antarctic VIP
Proxima (Original Mix)
Take a ride on The Remix Train sometime. It's got a plethora of destinations to see and admire!
If you really like my music, and wanna show some support, I will be putting my tracks up on Patreon very soon! (link is only visible to registered users)
Producing here is becoming harder and harder. The motivation is slowly leaving me behind, and will soon leave a husk behind in the form of my unfinished work. I'm trying to finish my main projects before that happens. However, I fear that time may catch up to me soon...

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