i am simply not there

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  • damn, this rules

  • amazing:~)

  • Breathtaking!

    • No you're breathtaking


    • Wtf it's actually on there? Fricking epic!!!!

  • I really like how it evolves from a raw sound to an evolving smooth one. The evolving textures are great as well. This sounds like a soundtrack more than anything. The buildup of the swells are great. I love what you did here. The longer I listen, the more I'm invested

    • Attention to detail is nice here man. Well done

    • I personally would've added a more prominent yet subtle sub layer

  • the b a s s

    jokes aside this is a slappy bop

  • i get it

    this a pretty good representation of the feeling

  • I really like how minimalistic the percs are yet how well they interact with the drums / low end

    Also, when the arp comes in... drowning!!