i wish i had wifi to make this better and finish it, but ig im lovin it :D

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  • I wish I had remix open for this

  • im lovin this not mickey d's

  • What do you guys usually get in mickey d's?

    • i dont eat mcdonalds

    • Double quarter pounder usually with 10pc nuggs (I get a little hungry when i'm bored)

    • Quarter Pounder with cheese no onion and a medium soda. That or nuggs.

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  • i love McDonalds

  • that was tasty ngl

  • it's got a cute little melody

  • i need to get better at using the heis :(

    • do you think you could dm me on discord or something similar and explain how a few of the synths were created(mostly those saws, the arp, and the lead)?

  • Why is this already the #1 week track?

  • Damnnnn pop off

  • Going to McDonald's later today to finish thisn

  • im lovin it

  • yessssss

  • bada-ba-ba-baaaa