Glitching and Pulsing.

Nostalgia after the days of - inclusive data

99 . 99% Real-Time FX and sound manipulation crafted with the Pulsar Delay automations.

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  • coming back to say- this is fucked up good.

    makes 99% of sampling on here look like a joke

    i plan to try out some thing like this in the future

  • what a vibe

  • to think this came out the same day sparks of hope got released this year

    absolutely epic

    i may be 3 days late but happy one year to this genuine banger of heavy experimented samples that soothes my functioning ear

  • This is amazing

  • love listening to this on repeat at work


  • how publish?

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  • really excited to listen all the way through this

  • they way you make your percussion sound is amazing

  • you're taking me on an adventure. Sure, why not? <3

    • I haven't reached too far yet, but I feel I would go on this adventure again any day.

  • Dear.


    ...bro? Huh?

    This shit?

    *chefs kiss*

  • Never saw so many samples in the assets😬, nice track:~)

    • oh dang im just looking at the assets oh my goodness that's a hecking lot

  • im starting to think you are a computer

    • if he was a computer everything would be much wackier

  • No word could really describe this. Speechless.

    • Really need to sit down and listen to the whole thing. Im jumping through this rn, but the ideas in this, wow.

    • I appreciate your love!

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  • Republished

    Adding another 2 minutes. The App is crashing due to million compressor and pulsar automation, having a hard time republishing everything in one piece.

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