Thanks Inspectre for the oportunity. Great song

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  • if this is a warmup...

    • Hahaha. I like that an Age Filter huh...and yea Oldest or not..I alway's say , I'm not Old, I'm just gettting Older LOL...Personally for me ,if I let my beard grow out then it makes me look older...That's just me though. I'm almost 40 and I still say I'm just a Candy Kid. Old School Raver LOL...One day I might be walking around with a cane from OLd Old Age but I'll never stop DJing and Producing LOL>>>No matter what age LOL...

    • It’s not only a beard filter. It’s an age filter. I might be one of the oldest around but not that old 🤥

    • Ok now I'm curious what Snadbrugen would look like without the Beard..LOL For Real though...Anybody looking at Snadbrugen at first glance for the first time, I would never in my life expect em to throw down such awesome sounds and production. Dude for real knows how to jam out.....LOL

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  • Now everyone doing a remix for this track is gonna have to really step their game up to top this track....LOL...Good Luck guys....

  • I knew Snadbrugen was gonna rock this remix...Gotta love it...Very Very Awesome remix my friend...You got good taste for sure and you know straight up how to jam out and get the crowd headbangin....Mad props Homie...

  • clean

  • Everyone go home, Snadbrugen submitted another banger lol <3

    (although in jest, to be honest, I was expecting either 5 entries from you lol or one single solid entry, this one is groovy nonetheless)

    • I knew you wouldn't disappoint 😜

    • Still a week to publish the other four :) thanks

  • 1:56 most tasteful vocal chops i've ever heard

  • The echo notes gives me a feeling, of a space vibe going on.

  • Just noticed their new band member in the background.

  • Incredible !

  • grooved gut dahin. feiner sound!

  • By the way, this is very good.

  • I think this would be perfect in a TV series about aliens and secret document.

    • Sounds like something I would watch. If it was on HBO

  • so clean!

  • wowsers

  • This is very cool :~)