Remake of "The Baddest" by K/DA

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    I love this

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    Unicorn Baby 64

    it is good

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    its good <3

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    Love it

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    I knew there was another person who was obsessed with that song's instrumental

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    i dont like how they're staring at me

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      homegirl on with the purple hair next to the blonde looks like golem from lord of the rings about to take back her "precious"

      blond one looks like Hannibal Lecter tryna eat my flesh

      one on the far left looks like a disembodied head that just got head

      the normal looking chick next to her looks only mildly concerned

      and that background

      it looks like a high res 3d model of the interior of a subway train car that they stole from blender, and the girls are just slapped on in post with ms paint

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      Roy ↨

      do not fail nnn

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    dang what happened to the days of Gangdam Style, it sounds goog, I can't really compare it to kpop since i dont listen but its nice

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      Ok buddy. It's still Kpop though lol

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      wym gangnam style was pop music from korea. therefore it was kpop.

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    Client Alt


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